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Patient Stories

“Thank you to Dr. Kolb for agreeing to accept a patient.  I know your schedules are full and busy and your kindness was greatly appreciated by myself and the family.  I’ve heard from the family several times on how pleased they were with the care in the hospital and with her follow up.”

– Lori L, Director of Emergency Department and Critical Care

“I’m feeling 100%.  After I had my left hand carpal tunnel release it was amazing.  I had no pain or numbness like I had before.  My right hand was still giving me fits, though.  Now that I have had my right hand carpal tunnel release I am having no pain.  The numbness and tingling is completely gone.  My grip strength is great.  Everything is on the up and up!”

– Bobby N.

“My decision to have my second hip replaced was easy with the help of Dr. Kolb, providers, and staff at Orthopedics of Illinois.  Everything I experienced encourages me to recommend them to others.  Dr. Kolb and his assistants took their time to be sure I understood my replacement procedure and why this procedure would be the best for me as a busy woman with a family to raise and a job to get back to.  Having already had one hip replaced, I had the good and bad fortune of knowing what I could expect.  What I did experience this time was even better.  Dr. Kolb always listened intently and never made me feel rushed to get out of the office before I had all of my questions answered.  He and/or his assistants were visiting me and checking progress each day at the hospital, making plans for my first clinic visit after discharge, and making this surgery and recovery exactly as he had described it would be.  I had no complications from the surgery, and returned to his office feeling stronger and better than ever.  Working with the physical therapists in the clinic, I was touching my toes within 45 days, something I had never been able to do.  After two months, I was bowling.  I felt a greater calmness this time partly because I understood the unknown, but mostly because my surgeon led a skilled team in my procedure and his confidence gave me confidence to see through this process.”

– Kathleen J.

“I had pain in both hips for several years which had worsened over a two year period to the point were I was unable to do the things I needed to do on daily basis. I met with Dr. Kolb and his staff and they recommended total hip replacement. I eventually had both hips replaced and noticed immediate pain relief with each surgery. I can now do whatever I want to with out pain. I wish I would have gone through the procedure sooner.”

– Ann K.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kolb’s twice now: first for a tear to my patellar tendon in my knee about 2 years ago and the second for a torn Achilles tendon within the past 3 months. Dr. Kolb and his staff, including PA Shaun Rudicil, were fantastic both times. Their knowledge and professionalism put me at ease before, during, and after both surgeries. They were always available to answer any of my concerns and were more than willing to work with me towards getting back to 100%. Everyone at Orthopedics of Illinois has been very kind, courteous, and supportive. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kolb and his staff to anyone seeking orthopedic surgery.”

– Brent R.

“I had a total hip replacement at age 57 due to sever osteoarthritis. I have been very blessed to have Dr. Kolb as my surgeon. One year, 8 months later, it’s like I never had hip pain. I’m completely healed and have regained all my mobility. Dr. Kolb was a very caring, compassionate doctor. Because I am a Christian, it was important to me that my doctor is as well. I appreciated the attentive follow up care. I was rechecked at one year following my surgery and will be again at three years out from surgery. The physical therapy I received here was excellent. I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful care and blessed that there is a surgical procedure such as a hip replacement.”

– Sylvia K.

“Dr. Kolb performed surgery on my shoulder and knee in 2007 and 2008. My first surgery was for a torn rotator cuff tendon in my shoulder while my second surgery was for a torn meniscus in my knee. Dr. Kolb and his staff were very knowledgeable and compassionate. Their one on one care during and after my surgical procedures were tremendous. My family and I have recommended Dr. Kolb and his staff to numerous friend and family.”

– Larry Z.

“I met Dr. Kolb in August 2009 for a consultation regarding long-term hip problems. His recommendation was a total hip joint replacement in both legs. I had the surgeries in September and November 2009. The outcome was tremendous. I now have the ability to do things I haven’t been able to do for many years thanks to Dr. Kolb, his clinical team, and physical therapists. I have sustained two separate injuries since the hip replacements and returned to Dr. Kolb for treatment. Both times the care and therapy I received was excellent. I have completely recovered from these injuries because of the exceptional care I received from Dr. Kolb and his outstanding staff. I maintain great respect for Dr. Kolb and highly recommend him.

– Judi H.

“My shoulder was useless before I had my surgery. I had lots of pain and couldn’t even get my billfold out of my pocket. After surgery it is just like new. The therapist that I was working with following my surgery couldn’t believe how well my shoulder works. I wish I would have done the surgery sooner.”

-Eugene K.

“If I would have known what I know now before surgery, I would have had the procedure done a lot sooner. I am 6 weeks out from total knee replacement and I’m ready to go play golf again.”

– Karen L.

“I have had great success with my hip. Dr. Kolb performed a total hip replacement on me last fall. I have not had any problems with my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Kolb and his staff. They have all been so wonderful through my recovery.”

– Lois K.

Over the past four years, I have referred so many friends and colleagues to Dr. Kolb that I can’t even account for all of them. Now, I am referring Orthopedics of Illinois to YOU!
Here is my story…  In April of 2007, I was 50 years old and so crippled by osteoarthritis and bone-on-bone knee joints that I had to use a walker or two canes to get around. (I literally did not have a good leg to stand on.) Three other physicians in Bloomington-Normal refused to do any surgery primarily because they considered me to be too young. Dr. Kolb did not hesitate to do a total knee replacement, treating me with compassion, respect and a fabulous bedside manner. His doing this surgery gave me back my freedom and an active healthy life. Dr. Kolb said we could probably get by three to five years before having to do the second knee replacement. So, on June 21, 2011, we had reached that point. With his focus to avoid infection, surgical skill, and care—and with the friendly attentive assistance of Shaun and Tater—I had a remarkably fast healing process. I left the hospital using crutches and in a week and a half my gait was good enough that I only used one cane. The top of the incision healed over in less than two weeks. After our three-week follow-up visit, I was back to driving and at work. Before the sixth week, with the gentle guidance of physical therapy, my extension was at 100%, my bend was only 3 degrees shy of our 120 degree goal, and I was cane-free. Everyone has been truly amazed at my rapid recovery. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Kolb and his great team. What a blessing they have been in my life!

– Madonna C.